some new colors done with the #Pigment App

I ❤ this app!!! Have I mentioned that before? LOL 🙂

let’s start with one of my favorite Beatle songs; All you need is Love

found in the Pigment App coloring pages


Next up is a piece from the Color Therapy app, but I’m not liking their app. You have to buy the pages you want to color unless you get lucky and then it’s a click and drop color into the area, not really coloring, you know?

But I really love this image!! Hope you like my color scheme! And yes, it’s a RED Cup! lol ❤


Then we have the Power Couple; Superman and Wonder Woman. Found this online at one of the free coloring pages. 😉


Another cute little Wonder Woman found on Pinterest which linked to a free coloring page site.


Found on a DC coloring page! Wonder Woman


Another Wonder Woman found on the DC Coloring page. 😉


A little early perhaps or perhaps not? Happy Thanksgiving! A page in my Pigment app for the holidays. 😉


Okay, definitely early, but I like Reindeer! Another in the Pigment app in the holiday section. 😉


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