About ~*~ Me

About ~*~ Me

So what would you like to know?

I’m an adult. I work, as a therapist. I enjoy my career.

I have an Associates Degree in Philosophy, and Religious studies.

I have my Bachelor’s and Masters in Social Work. I have Minor’s in Psychology, Women’s Studies and Sociology.

I am a disabled American Veteran; Desert Storm Era! I am a #Spoonie, I have fibromyalgia from the helcopter crash in said Era.

I have had carpal tunnel surgery, which killed some of my artistic abilities. However I have learned to modify my creativity, and I still do digital artwork; paintings. I write, I have created my own original character, and I enjoy writing. Better than a good day fishing. :D

I like to do yoga, meditation, and oh yeah, I’m a Wiccan. Please spare me the “I’ll save you, by converting you, to ______.” I’m fine the way I am, and you’re okay the way you are. thank you!

I am a geeka; Scifi, Comic Books, Movies, Tech-esp gadgets! “OOOOOH Gadgets!” I have a small problem when I enter Best Buy. I want it all! LOL

I like to do long walks, when I lived in Germany, I volksmarched a lot!!! I don’t drink! I don’t do illicit illegal substances, and I am fine with that.

I do though, do a bad thing- I smoke. eeeps! I drink coffee, copiously! lol And I love good chocolate! And shopping. Retail therapy is also better than a good day fishing.

I play at golfing, I have fun. I like vollyball, football, and softball. I like doing the sport, not watching it.

I’m flexible, and funny! I enjoy good conversation. If I don’t know something, and I’m curious, I want to learn more. If I do the research and find out I’m wrong about something, omg, I’ll admit it. And if I do the research, I can change my opinion. (IKR? LOL)

anything else? oh, I hold the right to answer or not. If the question is rude, crude or lewd- and depending on my mood. You might see how well versed in sarcasm I am!

2 thoughts on “About ~*~ Me

  1. Hello dear friend, i want to congrats to you for this very, very vreative and amazing blog.you really are so creative and love all your posts send you greetinga snd hugs

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